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The geographical distribution of the participants and the topics dealt with in the conference has a global reach, following the spirit of the first World Conference for Sustainable Tourism celebrated in 1995.

The panelists, with more than 50 presentations, cover a wide range of topics and geographical origins: the five continents are represented in the summit. Alongside the international organisations represented in the event, including the UNWTO, there are representatives of the industry-leading associations such as the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) or the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), aside of business associations, local authorities, indigenous communities and delegates of different destinations with a distinguished trajectory of sustainable development in an international scale.

The conference also invites organisations which are concerned with the preservation and conservation of the heritage in relationship with tourism, such as ICOMOS and IUCN, as well as other institutions with interest in eco-efficiency, innovation, climate change and education and skill training in sustainable development.

The Scientific Committee created for the conference has an international character, and it is composed by thirty members who include university professors and academic experts on all the areas covered in the ST+20 Conference.

The expected number of participants, taken from a wide range of countries, institutions and entities, is about 250.

The audience will be integrated by:

- Representatives of international organisations involved in sustainable tourism.

- International associations of the tourism industry.

- Local authorities.

- Leading specialised tour operators.

- Non-governmental organisations which address tourism and its resources.

- Reservation service businesses specialised in sustainable tourism.

- Travel agencies which offer sustainable touristic products.

- Leading hotel chains involved in the development of sustainable tourism practices.

- Entities tasked with technological innovation and ecoefficiency in the reach of tourism.

- Public officers and managers of touristic destinations.

- Academic and scientific institutions.



Media coverage will be especially intense before, during and after the conference in what pertains to the diffusion of results. In order to cover the event we will see the following media:

- Magazines and publications specialised in tourism and travel.

- Magazines and publications concerned with sustainable tourism, heritage, culture and climate change.

- Press notes from agencies with a national and a global reach, such as EFE or Reuters.

- National and international television broadcasters.

- The conference will feature in the main portals of international associations of tourism.

The Conference will also have an important presence in social media, with a dedicated Facebook page adding to the own conference’s website. The organisation will also provide a media delegate in order to guarantee the best visibility and the largest reach for the event and its results.


Sustainable Tourism + 20 offers the possibility to actively cooperate in the formulation of the new World Charter for Sustainable Tourism and its preparation, allowing also to appear as an Partner of the Charter from its beginnings to its adoption and its overall subsequent dissemination worldwide over the years.

Partners will reach that status by organizing one of the themed seminars before the Summit and presenting their results during the days of the event. These results will be included in the World Charter for Sustainable Tourism, with special reference to the entity that participated in the editorial office and its logo being included in the international post-conference diffusion of the work (media, brochures and publications) and delivery to international organisations.

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