Mission, philosophy and values


The Responsible Tourism Institute promotes touristic management models that effectively contribute to the maintenance and protection of cultural and natural heritage into the touristic destinations. Like ultimate target, ITR promotes the sustainable development within the touristic industry and encourages the social and cultural authenticity of each destination and community. As part of its activities, the ITR collaborates with touristic business associations, non-governmental organizations and governments of destinations with a significant cultural and natural heritage, in countries both developed and in-developing. All of these collaborations look for a real international sustainable development.

sustainable tourism

Philosophy and values

sustainable tourism

The Responsible Tourism Institute philosophy focuses on assessing the environment and cultural heritage within the touristic industry through the promotion, disclosure and application of standards to get to a certification about sustainable tourism. The ITR focuses an important part of its activities on providing practical tools to carry out a Responsible Tourism Policy in the touristic industry. This Policy must be encouraged by the responsible authorities in the destinations and communities, because they are the leading managers to get the sustainability within each touristic destination.